Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rudeness is inexcusable.

A burger of epic proportions

So I take a burger out to this lady tonight, right? And it's burger perfection. It's got cheese and all the other heart-attack inducing ingredients you can think of on it. It was a good looking burger. Not so much the Brad Pitt of burgers, but a more classy good looking, like George Clooney. Nevertheless it was attractive in a food-type-of-way.

I take this perfectly crafted burger out to this woman, so proud that I can serve to her ravenous hunger with the most delicately crafted meat patty, enveloped in a golden bun accompanied by all the classics; cheese, lettuce, kosher pickle slices, tomato, and grilled onions, all straight from the garden of God himself. So I mustered up the biggest smile I could. In slow motion, the tray lowered to the space in front of her that she had already prepared for this feast to begin.

I didn't even get the tray halfway down between the distance of where the tray was carried by my arm to the table before I heard her awful, grating voice exclaim,
I specifically asked for NO cheese. Take this away. I don't want cheese. Get it right next time.
 Ok. This is what bothers me. I was so excited to give this dumb lady this burger because I made sure everything about it was awesome. No where on the ticket did it say "no cheese". I went through every stinkin' ingredient to make sure the whole table got everything they asked for. It was even a little kid's birthday, and I was about to offer to make him an Oreo sundae just for being a cute kid. That's how nice I am. I am a fucking angel. But no, this little bitch had to ruin it. 

I get it. Some people don't dig cheese, or any dairy products for that matter. I know people who would blow if they had a sip of milk. But don't you agree that there are nicer ways to bring to my attention that there wasn't supposed to be cheese on your burger?

Here, allow me to offer some responses:
1. Oh, I'm sorry there wasn't supposed to be cheese on here!
2. Oh, hun, I asked for no cheese.. 
3. This looks like a great burger, but I asked for no cheese!
4. I'm sorry but I wasn't supposed to have cheese..

Obviously, there were other ways to approach this situation. I am not the bad guy. I was just trying to make your day by stuffing your face with a really tasty burger. But you had to be a bitch and go and ruin it, because apparently you have a problem with cheese, which so happens to be a main ingredient of a CHEESEburger. Idiot.

Rudeness is just inexcusable. Just because I am about 30 (probably 40 because rudeness adds about 5-10 years on your age) years younger than you, and not yet started in my professional life doesn't mean you have the right to take advantage of your "superiority" to me. It's people like you that push me harder to get the best out of this education so that the next time I have to deal with a person like you will be in an executive office telling you that your work isn't good enough for our company. And yes, I will have on a pencil skirt and 5 inch heels and that's when I'll tell you what's up, lady. A Smashburger uniform doesn't make me any lesser than you. At least my Smashburger uniform is giving me the chance to learn that people like you exist and that I'll be dealing with you for the rest of my life, but I can handle it with class and a little thing my generation likes to call "swagger". Thanks for the motivation for me to work harder and get somewhere so I don't have to be rude to a nice girl at a burger joint to feel better about myself one day.

Again, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your cheese-less, boring burger.

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